Mission Statement

“TRAIN HARDER. TRAIN SMARTER. PEFORM BETTER”. This applies to teen-aged athletes as well as you and me. For athletes, of course, training “hard” is important. Hard work will indeed make you a better athlete. But you also want to train SMART. Start with the fundamentals; perfect your form and technique; be safe; do things the RIGHT WAY. And all those things will allow you to PERFORM BETTER on the court or field.

For us ‘regular’ folks, we want to train hard too. Training hard will lead to stronger muscles and bones; a firmer, fitter looking body; and of course, better overall health. But we want to train SMARTER too. Doing exercises the proper way to minimize the risk of injury; and this will lead us to PERFORM BETTER too – perform better at home, at work, during our recreational activities – ALL OF IT.