About Us

Brian Cox is currently a CERTIFIED SPEED & AGILTY COACH through the NSPA (National Sports Performance Association). He has been a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER for more than 15 years through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). He has also held a certification as a Youth Sports Conditioning Specialist.

Coach Brian played Tennis at the University of Connecticut. He has always been active in sports, having played baseball, basketball and soccer as a teenager, but it was his years at UConn where he fell in love with fitness. It was there where he realized how important it was to train hard during the off season to prepare your body for THE season. The objective was to get BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER and how that would allow him to perform better on the tennis court and in all the sports he played.

Back then (80’s and 90’s), only Football players “lifted weights”, and even they only lifted during the ‘off-season’.  Nowadays, we know how important it is for ALL athletes to increase their strength and conditioning AND to train all year – golfers, tennis players, soccer players, track and field athletes, and of course the “power” athletes – baseball (and softball), basketball and football players.

After training at BFS, baseball and softball players will throw the ball faster and further, and increase their bat-speed; football players will become more powerful and explosive off the line, and more agile around the field; basketball players will be able to jump higher and to sprint faster; tennis players will hit the ball with more power, and be quicker around the court; golfers will increase their club-head speed, crushing the ball off the tee while maintaining their flexibility; soccer players will strike the ball with more force and will be able to change direction much more efficiently. Our sport-specific workouts are good for male AND female athletes. And of course, staying fit and strong is good for Mom and
Dad too.