Is there really any substitute for SUPERIOR SPEED? You can have the best hands in the world as a Wide Receiver, but if you can’t create distance between you and the defense, how are you going to get open to receive the football?
You can hit screaming line drives to the fence, but you can only get to 1st base. Coaches want to see you standing on 2nd or even 3rd! You can drain 3-pointers all day when you’re open, but you can’t create space to get your shot off.
In the Speed & Agility Class, you will perform drills to develop lightning quick feet; the ability to accelerate quickly; the ability to DE-celerate, and then RE-accelerate; and the ability to change direction. Change of direction is something that is rarely taught to athletes, and that is a big reason why there are so many injuries. Athletes need to learn to do it correctly, efficiently and safely.