HIIT stands for HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING. Basically, HIIT is short bursts of high-intensity exercise. For example, HIIT is many times applied to sprinting. The individual would start off with a good, 5-10 minute warm-up (walking, foam rolling, dynamic exercises, light running) and then start off with a run at about 80-85% of MAX speed for about 60-90 seconds. Then he/she would walk for 60-90 seconds. Then start full sprints at 100% MAX for 30 seconds or so. Sprint/Walk/Sprint/Walk, etc. It’s a great way, probably the BEST way to increase an athlete’s conditioning. And it’s great for us too – probably the BEST way to burn fat!                                                                           And with the KEISER equipment we have at BFS, you can do HIIT on the Bench Press machine, and on the Lat Pull Down machine, and on the Runner, and on the Squat Rack! It’s AWESOME!